the blood brothers


The Blood Brothers, who are old, good friends of mine, were in town tonight, so I got to see them.  Which was a nice excuse to take a break for doing schoolwork.  I don't get to see them that often, as they still live in Seattle, and I haven't for about six years or so, but I get to see them a few times a year when they come through on tour.



I have finally had time to get some shooting in after a couple of weeks of pretty intense work.  The frustrating thing about practicing art is that for the majority of people, it is usually something that you do in addition to other things.  So even though I am in art school, sometimes finding the time to actually do art with all the other things that school and work require can be hard.  But such is life.

One more heads back East


We had a going away party for my buddy TC who is moving back to NY today, and I have to say that after being here for a little over two years, I am a bit jealous of him.  If I didn't have such a nice thing going for me at such great school, I would probably be doing the same.  Which isn't to say that SF isn't a great or beautiful city, because it is.  But lately I have been missing the East Coast, and want to go back.

At any rate, TC is a good friend, and I know that I will see him again.  And the circle of friends becomes even more spread out.

Anyways, on a technical note I also played with the page formatting so now I can (hopefully) post larger images without running into formatting issues.

Playing around


I have been playing around with both the the new Lightroom and CS3 and I have to say that I am quite enamored with both of them.  Grated there are a couple of quirks with CS3, it is still the beta I am working with.  I wish that there were some more play in between the two however (a la Photoshop and Imageready), because there are some features that I need to use that are only in Photoshop, so I end up jumping in between the two a lot.  But Lightroom does a great job at providing the tools and a workflow for digital photography.  I'm loving these new programs.

Now to find time to go shoot more...

Learning to Make Mistakes


So after much swearing and frustration,  I have finally found a Photoshop workflow that works at keeping the colors that I want across multiple browsers.  This is old news to most people, but as I am new to the digital aspects of photography I was surprised at how little information is out there in regards to how to exactly how to do this.  And I looked in a lot of places, online and off, and asked a lot.

So my new workflow is: Calibrated monitor (duh), work in sRGB, working with View>Proof Setup>Monitor RGB selected and at the end doing Save As... and deselecting Embed Color Profile option.  I found that the Monitor RGB simulates what it will look like without a color profile later so that I can compensate for it while I am working on it, and without the color profile the different browsers treat it the same.

It's really simple, really easy and I feel kind of dumb not knowing some of it before, but hey, we all have to learn, right?  Now the problem that I have is with all of the old photos that I have, and going back and fixing them with this new found knowledge.