I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who came out and contributed to the opening of the Locality show, and made it such a success!!! Seriously, the level of work and the number of people that came out to support was better than any of us could have hoped for.  I am hoping to have pictures from the opening up soon. And if you missed out on the opening, or want more of the greatness, come to the closing party, on April 16th, 8pm - 11pm.

Thanks again!!!

Murder City Devils


The Murder City Devils came through on Sunday on their West Coast reunion tour.  I can't express how much this band, both musically and as people, have affected my life.  To have them back, and bringing so many people together, has been amazing.  I startedouttakingpictures at their earliest shows (I know that some of my first rolls of film are of them before their first album came out). Below are some more pictures from the show, and the entire set is here.



I wrote a new Processing sketch today (I love the inspiration that time off affords) that takes color information from each pixel in an image, and uses that to create sound. I extracted the red, blue, green, hue, saturation and brightness of each pixel, and created a sine wave for each value. Together, they create interesting harmonies, a sort of audible version of my last project. There are two versions that I am sharing. The first is the original version, that uses Supercollider to generate the sound. Since it does so, I can't post it on the web, but the sound is much better. You can download the package here. The second uses a Processing friendly, and web friendly, library, Minim, which doesn't sound as good (I can't get rid of the pops and clicks when doing sine waves for some reason), but I allows me to post the sketch on the web, which I have here. Enjoy!

Update: By the way, it sounds much better on speaker set-ups with subwoofers, as there are some really low frequencies that would come out distorted on smaller, laptop speakers.

Locative media and the city: from BLVD-urbanism towards MySpace urbanism

Ran across this article, and it peaked my interest. "...locative and mobile media and how they relate to urban culture and questions of identity...“MySpace urbanism” – the condition of cities saturated with media networks, where physical space is intersected with layers of personalised, spatial orientation."

Reminds me of Debord, the Situationists and their exploration of psychogeographies.

Read it all here.