Locative media and the city: from BLVD-urbanism towards MySpace urbanism

Ran across this article, and it peaked my interest. "...locative and mobile media and how they relate to urban culture and questions of identity...“MySpace urbanism” – the condition of cities saturated with media networks, where physical space is intersected with layers of personalised, spatial orientation."

Reminds me of Debord, the Situationists and their exploration of psychogeographies.

Read it all here.


So, I finally got around to doing a overhaul on the site.  It's only been about a year or so.  But the place has a new look, and I finally got around to updating some of the pictures in the portfolio section.  Now I just have to get around to putting up some of the work that I am actually working on, as opposed to the photography that has turned into a hobby at this point.  I have a lot of it up here already, just not organized in any sense.  That will be for later...

Teletalking with Siberia

So yesterday, I was a part of a teleconference with a group in Siberia. It was supposed to be, from my understanding, students from SFAI's sister school. However, it ended up being mostly head-of-state types. It was interesting, none the less, to be discussing my work, and the work of others, across continents and cultures; it would have been more interesting, however, if we had been able to talk with those who were actually in the business of cultural production. And on a completely unrelated note, I installed Apple's new operating system, Leopard, today. You know that you are a dork when a) you are excited about that sort of shit and b) you are most excited about the new tabbing in Terminal, and the new themes that it has.