Murder City Devils


The Murder City Devils came through on Sunday on their West Coast reunion tour.  I can't express how much this band, both musically and as people, have affected my life.  To have them back, and bringing so many people together, has been amazing.  I startedouttakingpictures at their earliest shows (I know that some of my first rolls of film are of them before their first album came out). Below are some more pictures from the show, and the entire set is here.


Another Round

I'll be honest, I don't know why yet, but I like to document the injuries that I have been accumulating as a result of my epilepsy, such as this one and a previous one.  For the past year and half/two years, I have also been collecting the bottles of anti-convulsants that I have to take every day.  To what end, I'm not sure.  I'm sure that at some point, it will allow me some perspective, but in the immediate, I think that it allows me to work through a lot of things.  I will be sure to post something if I figure any of this out.


So, I finally got around to doing a overhaul on the site.  It's only been about a year or so.  But the place has a new look, and I finally got around to updating some of the pictures in the portfolio section.  Now I just have to get around to putting up some of the work that I am actually working on, as opposed to the photography that has turned into a hobby at this point.  I have a lot of it up here already, just not organized in any sense.  That will be for later...

Back from Seattle

My Aunt Diana and late Uncle Ray's barn.

I'm back from Seattle, done with the holidays, and eager to get going on some new projects.  I hope to get some of the things that I have finished up (more of a matter of figuring out how to document them, and how best to showcase that in a blog setting), as well as finish off some things that I have been working and get those up.  Anyways, as this is a blog cum personal slideshow, I have some photos from the trip after the jump.

Emma and her presents


The goats



I'm back from Reno.  The conference was fun.  We got to meet a lot of cool people, see a lot of interesting things, and hopefully we can do it again next year in Austin.  I got to nerd out for a few days, and not worry about art and The Larger Dialog.  A nice break before finals, really, despite the fact that we all got very little sleep the whole time.

More photos after the jump


font shots

I have a really bad addiction.  And that is to fonts.  I can spend hours going through and installing new fonts.  Right now, I have about 500+ installed, with about an equal number backed up for safe keeping.  For what, I'm not sure, because I really don't end up using them all that much; more than some, less than others.  But still, it's a very comforting feeling for me to know that when I need it, when Lucida Grande is just not cutting it, that one specific font will be there for me. It's all really disgusting, really.