I wrote a new Processing sketch today (I love the inspiration that time off affords) that takes color information from each pixel in an image, and uses that to create sound. I extracted the red, blue, green, hue, saturation and brightness of each pixel, and created a sine wave for each value. Together, they create interesting harmonies, a sort of audible version of my last project. There are two versions that I am sharing. The first is the original version, that uses Supercollider to generate the sound. Since it does so, I can't post it on the web, but the sound is much better. You can download the package here. The second uses a Processing friendly, and web friendly, library, Minim, which doesn't sound as good (I can't get rid of the pops and clicks when doing sine waves for some reason), but I allows me to post the sketch on the web, which I have here. Enjoy!

Update: By the way, it sounds much better on speaker set-ups with subwoofers, as there are some really low frequencies that would come out distorted on smaller, laptop speakers.