Al Gore for President

As a political person, I have become, by and large, fairly cynical in regards to the current state American politics. Which is, unfortunately, not uncommon these days. But Design Observer has posted an article that has sparked a glimmer of hope for me. Quoting a James Traub article, they write, "Al Gore has attained what you can only call prophetic status; and he has done so by acting as he could not, or would not, as a candidate — saying precisely what he believes, and saying it with clarity, passion, intellectual mastery and even, sometimes, wit." I belive that that is what excites me about Al Gore right now; that he is able to operate outside the political sphere as an independant agent, but with the experience of a long time politican on the causes that he believes in. This is not the Al Gore of the 2000 election. With the way that he is operating right now, I couldn't think of a better thing for American politics than for him to run for the presidency. There couldn't be a bigger juxtipostion, and correction, to the current administration than a Gore adminstration. Especially a Gore/Obama ticket. Personally, the idea of that ticket is incredibly exciting.

I should note that this all comes with a caveat; which is to say that I don't agree with Gore all down the line. He is a politican after all, who try appease everyone while making no one happy. But I respect his intellect, his passion and conviction. And you don't have to agree with someone to respect them and believe them to be a good leader.

Here's hoping that Gore hears the call of the people, and enters again into the political arena for this next cycle. And wins (again).