Back in the Saddle


So, I really haven't been posting much lately, but I have been really under the gun with the end of classes last week, this trip to Europe that coming up in a few weeks, work, and a few other assorted long term projects.

On the more immediate front, I have also been working on some new work for a show that will be going up at the end of June.  (I will post the details when I get them, but the theme of the show is "Best Friends")  But the show goes up a few days after I get back from Europe, so I have been trying to get the work done before I go.  I have been working with a new process, by combining low resolution GIFs into an HDR image.  You can see one of the results up top.  There are some problems that I am running into, but hopefully they will be solved by the time the show goes up.