Learning to Make Mistakes


So after much swearing and frustration,  I have finally found a Photoshop workflow that works at keeping the colors that I want across multiple browsers.  This is old news to most people, but as I am new to the digital aspects of photography I was surprised at how little information is out there in regards to how to exactly how to do this.  And I looked in a lot of places, online and off, and asked a lot.

So my new workflow is: Calibrated monitor (duh), work in sRGB, working with View>Proof Setup>Monitor RGB selected and at the end doing Save As... and deselecting Embed Color Profile option.  I found that the Monitor RGB simulates what it will look like without a color profile later so that I can compensate for it while I am working on it, and without the color profile the different browsers treat it the same.

It's really simple, really easy and I feel kind of dumb not knowing some of it before, but hey, we all have to learn, right?  Now the problem that I have is with all of the old photos that I have, and going back and fixing them with this new found knowledge.