Safari, Firefox and Color Profiles

So a while ago, I posted a crash course of sorts about digital cameras, and I mentioned Flickr, and their stripping of uploaded color profiles.  As an update to that, I discovered today that in addition to the stripping, Firefox also has no current support for color profiles.  That means that  even if an image is uploaded with an ICC profile, it is ignored.  IE and Safari have have support for ICC profiles, with Safari going a step farther and if it comes across an image without an ICC profile, it applies your monitor's output ICC profile to it.  All of which is really frustrating for me, because Firefox is, in every other respect, the better browser, and my preferred browser.  But since I spend a good amount of online time looking at art and photography images, color correction is an important thing for me, and I don't want to have to switch browsers depending on what I am looking at.  But the more important thing is that as someone who spends a good deal of time working on his  images for presentation, it's frustrating that there's not cross browser support for the standard ICC profiles, so that the colors that I see and want others to see, are the ones that are delivered, correctly.