Recycling through the old

I finally got around to getting my old negatives from my dad's house with this last trip, and one of the other projects that I have given myself is going through and scanning them in.  With the printers that we have at school, I can get some damn good output with scanning these in.  Even with the printer that I have at home gives me passable quality, enough to make me have no need to ever go in a wet darkroom again.

The odd thing is working with these negatives now, I remember just battling with some of them the first time around, (some of these I haven't touched in ten years or so) with small scratches here and there, dodging this corner or that one, getting the right amount of contrast, and the juggling act it was getting all of that right on each print.  I would spend days working on a print.  And now, going through these, I'm spending 15 minutes, scanning them in and doing all of that.  Even more so, I have control over so much more than I ever did before that I have been able to get an almost totally different print than before.    But even though it was hard, and a pain in the ass, I wouldn't trade those years in the darkroom for anything.